I am a spiritual seeker with an introspective, adventuresome and curious nature.

A nurse by training, I have worked with unique populations, in diverse practice settings, across the country. My work with Indigenous communities in Canada (1990’s) proved especially transformative; through these encounters, my worldview shifted and a psychospiritual approach to health and wellbeing emerged.

Explorations and training now span a myriad topic including Transformational Coaching (2010) and the expansive realm of Transpersonal Psychology (MA, 2009). Areas of interest include  the teachings of ancient and Indigenous wisdom traditions, as well as the seminal work of Carl Jung. Shadow Work is an area of singular interest and aptitude. It became a focus of inquiry during my MA, leading to the development of a university level course, twice delivered. Jung’s ideas regarding universal archetypes and the collective unconscious augment this work as do ancient conceptualizations of the divine feminine/ masculine, energy dynamics, and somatic wisdom. 

To this end, training in the Hakomi Method of assisted self-study has enriched my coaching practice through a body-centered approach to care, and through adherence to the core principles of loving presence, non-violence, mindfulness, mind-body holism, unity, and organicity. Compassion and mindfulness cultivation have subsequently become powerful and transformative allies with Mindful Compassionate Healing a core element of my practice and the work of healing and restoring the wounded soul. It is fundamental to the work of MY soul. It defines my practice and my approach to life.

Coming full circle, I completed an indigenous-based Vision Quest in the summer of 2019. Unlike any other experience, this solitary encounter with myself, cultivated a sense of compassion and appreciation for the strength and vulnerability of the psyche-soul axis. It continues to inform me still.

I have lived and worked in western Canada, the Arctic, and Australia. I currently reside in Kingston, Ontario. In addition to my coaching practice, I work part-time at Queen’s delivering Wellness Coaching, as well as compassion and mental health education to nursing students.

Training, tools and credentials:

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words.
"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
C. G. Jung